373A-stretch survey

Steve Marsh smarsh at portia.caltech.edu
Thu Aug 11 18:10:37 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug10.145011.201 at immunex.com>, hollingswor at immunex.com
> A 373A survey
> We're planning on purchasing the Applied Biosystems/Perkin Elmer
> 373A automated sequencer with the stretch upgrade.  I am trying to
> work out schedules for running two gels a day.  I know what AB
> says for run times and length of read, but what is reality?
We are running the 34 cm WTR plates routinely. The run time ABI reccomends
is 14 hours, but the  data out that far is useless. We are running 13.5
hours at 32 watts with a 4.75% gel. We will be trying 13 hours shortly and
maybe less. We have not gotten our 48cm plates yet, but ABI reccomends ~16
hours for those gels so two a day is not resonable. even the non-stretch
gels ran for 12 hours which made two a day difficult including clean-up,
gel pouring and data analysis. Plus ABI does not reccomend (or so I was
told) running the machine 24 hours a day. It causes the lead screw to wear
out faster, as well as potentially overheating the electronics.
Steve Marsh

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