Non-isotopic detection of nucleic acids

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Thu Aug 11 10:40:57 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug9.181946.26535 at>, bergsage at helix (Peter Leif Bergsagel) writes:
>We have a summer student who is not licenced to work with radioactivity,
>and would like to use a non-isotopic method for detection of nucleic acids.
>I reviewed the last 4 months postings in the archives and did not find any
>threads that seemed to address the issue. I would be interested to know
>peoples recommendations for:
>1. Detection of a single copy gene in 10 ug of human genomic DNA
>2. Detection of an abundant mRNA (>1000 copies/cell) in 10 ug of total RNA
>3. Screening tertiary plaques, or colonies, or PCR products
>I shall be glad to summarize the response and post it. Endorsements for
>specific commercial products (kits) are encouraged. I thank all
>respondents in advance.

Hello Peter,
     DuPont NEN Research Products has several non-radioactive products
for labeling and detection, including random primer flu-dUTP and oligo
3'-end labeling (flu-ddUTP) kits, nucleic acid chemilum reagents for HRP
detection, Western Blot Chemilum reagent, and non-rad nucleotide analogs.
For a complete listing and more information call Technical Support at
1-800-772-2636.                Regards, Mary Walling

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