Qiagen Plasmid Preps

kalmar at sfu.ca kalmar at sfu.ca
Thu Aug 11 16:21:00 EST 1994

We routinely use Qiagen kits to purify plasmids for sequencing via an ABI
automated sequencer. We routinely use the Sequenase chemistry on the ABI
machine. This requires us to often reduce the volume of the solutions (ie.
Speed-vac). About 1 month ago we started having problems. When we reduced
the volume a percipitate formed. It was not soluble. Nothing changed except
we openned a new kit. We can get around the problem by EtOH percipitating
the DNA to concentrate.

I would be interested if anybody else has encountered similiar problems?

Gabe Kalmar
Inst. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby B.C.

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