Shoddy Ann Arbor Plastics Products.

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Fri Aug 12 12:15:04 EST 1994

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> Bionetters:  I would like to warn people out there about Ann Arbor
> Plastics and vent some steam based on my experiences.  
> (Horror story deleted)

> It seems obvious to me that this company is run by people who have never
> used the kind of equipment that they are making.  If other people have had
> satisfactory results from them I would like to hear about it, but from my
> experiences I would suggest that you all stay away from Ann Arbor Plastics
> products.

I dunno. I've always liked their stuff. We buy frame gel dryers, radiation
shields, and radioactive waste boxes from them all the time, and have never
had any problems! Of course, when it comes to gel boxes, I usually
subscribe to the rule that you get what you pay for...

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