Tnt system-in vitro translation

Steve Rodems smrodems at
Fri Aug 12 20:51:35 EST 1994

In article <32e4d8$iml at>, T. S. Pillay <tpillay at>

> I would like to use the Tnt system or any other in vitro translation
> system to make protein from a plasmid which has both the T7 promoter and
> the Sp6 promoter. Which is better?
> Also, would it be preferable to use Retic lysate or Wheat germ?
> Has anyone used the tRNA ascend system to make biotinylated proteins in
> vitro?

I have used the TnT system from Promega.  The SP6 promoter is at least
twice as strong as T7.  I have used Retic lysates but never Wheat germ, so
I can't help with that one.

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