Silver staining of DNA (help)

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Fri Aug 12 16:44:35 EST 1994

Larry Hale (lhale at UPEI.CA) wrote:
: Greetings.

: I would like to thank those people who responded to my post concerning 
: microsatellite oligos back in June.

: I am also interested in detection of DNA fragments by silver staining. 
: Nothing fancy, just 1000-100 bp on a simple polyacrylamide gel. Can anyone 
: suggest a good kit, or a good published protocol?

A procedure for silver staining of RNA and DNA in PAA gels (originating 
from the protein staining procedure) is described in:

Schumacher et al. (1986)
Diagnostic procedure for detection of viroids and viruses with circular
RNAs by 'return'-gel electrophoresis
J. Phytopathology 115, 332-343

May seem somewhat dated, but this procedure is still in use in our
lab, amounts of less than 1 ng nucleic acids can be detected.

: Thanks again, Larry Hale (LHALE at UPEI.CA)

Michael Schmitz
Biophysics Dept, University of Duesseldorf FRG

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