PCR to differentiate meats

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The July 1994 issue of Biotechniques has an article by Russell and Carnegie

'Identification of Gourmet Meat using FINS (Forensically Informative
Nucleotide Sequencing' pg24-26.

The authors use conserved cytochrome b primers to generate a PCR product,
which they then directly sequence.  They used this technique for *species
identification* with both cooked and processed meats.

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> Does anyone know of papers etc on the use of PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) to 
> differentiate between different species of meat / animals, in either cooked or 
> raw meat products?
> The only paper I know of is
> Detection of Pork in Heated Meat Products by the Polymerase Chain Reaction
> Rolf Meyer, Urs Candrian and Jurg Luthy
> Journal of AOAC International
> 1994, Vol 77 (3), pages 617 - 622.
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