Quick Coomasie Destain

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Mon Aug 15 09:19:31 EST 1994

In a previous article, flh at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk (Frances Hannan Zoology)) says:

>gpkv01 at udcf.gla.ac.uk (John McGeehan) writes:
>>Hi folks,
>>	you may have heard of this already but if not...
>>To speed up destaining Coomasie Blue stained gels try the following;
>>1. Take a tea bag, the ones with the string are generally best,
>>2. Break the seal at the top and empty out the tea,
>>3. Fill teabag with an ion-exchange resin eg.Amberlite (mixed bed 
>>   exchanger) works well. I'm sure others will work just as well.
>>4. Dip teabag in destain solution with shaking. 
>>	The resin will clear the destain solution so that it doesn't
>>need changed. This allows destaining into a clear solution at a
>>faster rate. You can buy similar products commercially but why miss
>>out on all the teagbag fun !
>This seems awfully complicated and fiddly to me. I just throw in a piece
>of spongy foam (recycling of packaging materials!) and this soaks up the
>Coomassie just fine and bands are visible after a couple of hours. How 
>much faster is the teabag method?

If foam is not available KimWipes work well too. Fold several together and
put in the corner of the destaining dish. Change when they go blue.
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