Origin of C. elegans

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>> I think the letter you refer to was written to Max Perutz and is reprinted
>> in part [snip, snip] in 'The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans'
>> edited bt W.B. Wood and printed by Cold Spring Harbor Press.

>and totally unavailable until the new version comes out.  hope your library
>has a copy or 2, ours was stolen.

Good news! It's available again. Cold Spring Harbor has a paperback 
edition out now; it's unfortunately not revised, but at least it's in 
print. It's $45, which beats the $95 for the hardcover. You can order by 
phone (sorry, I'm at home and the number is at the lab; email me if you 
need it).

BTW, Academic Press is working on a C. elegans methods book that 
supposedly will be published later this year.

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