Cloning PCR products: polish ends.

Brian Foley brianf at
Mon Aug 15 14:25:05 EST 1994

Dear Methods readers:

	Following a post I made last week, Michael Weiner, author of 
a paper descibing the use of various polymerases to "polish" the 
ends of PCR products, wrote to me personally.  Being a ".com person"
he didn't want to post to the whole USENET group.
	However; given the number of protocols that I can access from
the archives of this list by searching for "cloning PCR products" I
feel that I should point more people toward this publication:

          Nucleic Acids Research (22:2423, 1994).

	Which discusses the use of various polymerases to "polish"
the ends of PCR products.  It also shows that Taq polimerase does
not always prefer to add an extra "A".  Sometimes it prefers to
add a "G" or another base.  So when your neighbor uses TA cloning
with great success whle it never works for you, now you'll know
why!  It turns out to be dependent on primer sequence.  Some primers
will work great for TA cloning and others will fail.
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