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!>>>Does anyone know of a program that allows you to take a 
!>>>promoter sequence and analyze it for all known 
!>>>transcription factor recognition elements?  I know it 
!>>>sounds like a no-brainer, but we can't find one!  Thanks, 
!>>>Seth Crosby Abbott Labs    
!>>Seth, If you've got a Mac, use MacVector.  It has this capability, and it's
!>>got lots of transcription factor sequences in it's latest version.
!>>Gill Diamond, Ph.D.                     Internet: gdiamond at
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!>    Also, at NCBI there is a file containing frequently updated sequences in
!>a MacVector format, called TFDSITES.SUBSEQ 7.0. Its big, but if you have a
!>relatively new Mac it should not take very long to search it.
!>Tracy Aquilla, Ph.D.
!>Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
!>University of Vermont
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TFD is available as protein database for similarity search using the NCBI BLAST
e-mai server. If you a have a nucleotide query you still can perform a search by
using the blastx program. Remember the following possibilities:
     blastp  aadb aaquery  
     blastn  ntdb ntquery
     blastx  aadb ntquery
     tblastn ntdb aaquery
For more help on hoe to use this service please send an e-mail to :
                  blast at 
with just a "help" (whitout the quote) in the body of the
e-mail. Or for direct question to the BLAST staff send your question to :
                  blast-help at


Blast Management Team.
 __  __  __  
/  \/  \/  \/1001001001     NCBI - NLM - NIH
\__/\__/\__/\               blastmgr at
                            1 / (301) 496-2475

For more details and advice on using BLAST programs, use Mosaic program
to : 

And if you want to submit your sequence to GenBank, below are all the 
data you need for a direct submission : 

Authorin program request (indicate Mac or PC): authorin at
E-mail submission of new sequences:            gb-sub at

E-mail submission of updates:                  update at

U.S. mail (for submissions on diskette, indicate whether Mac or PC):
             GenBank Submissions
             National Center for Biotechnology Information
             Bldg. 38A, Room 8N-803
             8600 Rockville Pike
             Bethesda, MD 20894


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