Cracking SDS gels

Chris Larsen clarsen at
Wed Aug 17 09:31:09 EST 1994


In article <1994Aug17.053319.7393 at>, mike at (Mike Morris) writes:

|>   What are the different tricks for drying down thick SDS gels?

>I am now sure what you mean by thick, but I routinely dry 1mm and 
1.5mm SDS-PAGE by soaking them for a couple hours in 5% glycerol after
destaining.  Gels dried this way haven't cracked in over 6 years.


But this only works with gel pecentages below 15% or so, in my experience.
Has anyone tried to dry a 20% SDS-PAG ?  
They crack under 5-20 % glycerol (EGADS!)


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