SV-40 Promoter Bashing

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Thu Aug 18 01:34:39 EST 1994

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In article <18 at>, you wrote:

> We are looking for a minimal promoter to use in eucaryotic
> expression (transfection) experiments.  Because of viral packaging
> constraints, and a very large gene, we need a functional promoter
> smaller than the usual SV40 or other currently available
> promoters.  We are looking for something smaller than 400 bp, but

I thought there have been some recent papers showing that the phage T7
promoter has unexpectedly good activity in eukaryotic tissues owing to a
similarity to the initiator element in eukryotic promoters. If so T7 is
only 20 bp. Might be worthwhile checking on Medline.
> David Malehorn
> 17 August 1994 09:44 CDT

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