RNAse stability

Robert Slany mfb102 at cd4680fs.rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Thu Aug 18 04:16:08 EST 1994

Dear netters

Does anyone of you have experience with the stability of RNAses? O.K. I know
that there is the saying that RNAse A is not inactivated by autoclaving.
But on my shelf at roomtemperature the Tris/EDTA buffers supplemented with
RNAseA decay within 2 months (Only residual RNAse activity left.)
Did anyone of you really try once to autoclave the RNAse?
This would be really interesting since one could spare all the precautions
for RNA preparations if RNAse could be inactivated by autoclaving.

I would like to hear your experience.
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