Ultralow recommendations needed

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at salus.med.uvm.edu
Thu Aug 18 09:48:29 EST 1994

In Article <vescip.1127423392A at usenet.rpi.edu>, vescip at rpi.edu (Paul A.
Vescio) wrote:

>We recently had to replace both compressors in our Revco.  The guy who fixed
>it said that the type of compressors used in any ultra low will typically
>fail after 5-6 years.  I don't think it matters to much which one you buy
>but not to be dissappointed when a compressor goes after a few years.   It
>actually ends up being cheaper to replace the old compressors opposed to
>buying a new freezer and they should last for another 5-6 years if you don't
>treat it like crap.

Can you be more precise when you say "if you don't treat it like crap". I
would like to know what to do differently to make my freezer's compressor
last longer.

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