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Thu Aug 18 11:12:55 EST 1994

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> Dear Bionet Surfers
> I am looking for some advice on sequencing kits.  I had used
> Pharmacia's T7 Sequencing Kit while on a post-doc in Canada, which I thought
> worked well.  However, due to patent limitations, this kit is not available
> in the U.S.  If anyone has positive or negative comments on available kits
> in the U.S. it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Beagle

I have used two different kits:  (1) Sequenase Version 2.0 from USB works
extremely well.  It is used to sequence ss DNA using M13 phage as the
vector and incorporates S-35 for detection.  This gives extremely clear
sequence.  It also comes with reagents allowing reads close or far from the
primer.  (2) fmol Sequencing Kit from Promega allows the use of very small
amounts of starting template.  This is a cycle sequencing kit so a
thermocycler is a neccessity.  It recommends endlabeling ds DNA with P-32
and I have had very good success with it so far.
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