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> > ...When I am purifying genomic DNA from 
> > human lymphoid cells, I have a lot of trouble in the 
> > phenol-chloroform extractions - when I pipette off the upper aqueous 
> > phase, the DNA strands always seem to be attached to the junk at the 
> > interphase...
> This might seem simplistic, but have you tried removing the bottom portion
> first? Take out all the junk, then the good stuff is left behind.
> - Just a thought :-)
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Have you tried using phase lock tubes? They are quite an expensive way of
forming a barrier between the aqueous and phenol-chloroform phases but you
can do the same thing far on.

Take a syringe and fill it with some silicone vacuum grease and then
autoclave it.

Squirt a small (about the size of a pea) amount of the grease into an
Eppendorf tube and briefly spin down to the bottom of the tube in a
benchtop microfuge.

Add your crude DNA prep to be cleaned up.

Add an equal volume of phenol-chloroform (NOTE: IT MUST BE

Mix, and then spin again for about 2 mins at 13000rpm to separate phases.

This method is so good that you can simply decant the aqueous phase off the
top of the silicone grease interface with not a hint of crud.

E mail me if you need further instruction/advice on this technique.

Good luck

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