restriction site mapping program needed

gotow lisa fujiko gotowlf9 at
Fri Aug 19 16:44:21 EST 1994

I'm a master's degree student who, through information on this newsgroup, 
was able to download the program Double-Digester onto a Mac. This 
program supposedly will generate maps from restriction site data. I can 
open up the program and it looks fine, but very complex (like the trial 
and error method would take a long time!).
My main problem is that I cannot access the manual... when I convert it 
from an EPS file (have no idea what this is, as you may have guessed i'm 
no computer wiz) all I get is a heading with the file name, title and 
creator.  The only readable info about the creator is "copyright 1992, 
Radical Eye Software".
Can anyone give me any info on this company or any other way in which I 
could get a manual...or any info on other restriction site mapping 
programs that my be out there.

Am I not able to access the manual because I have essentially stolen this 
program?       Any help would be much appreciated...please e-mail me or
post.	Lisa

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