ds Sequencing with Qiagen prep

Dr. C.J. Chan cchan at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Aug 22 09:20:50 EST 1994


I wrote to you all a couple of weeks ago about the problems that I had in 
sequencing a Qiagen ds DNA prep. Thanks to all those people who replied 
either directly to me directly or to the newsgroup.

I am glad to report now that my problem is solved! This template apparently
would only cycle sequence properly using radiolabelled primer but not using
the incorporation method. However, I have had many successes with other 
templates using radioactive 35SdATP incorporation. So this appears to be a 
template specific thing.

So if there are anybody out there who are having problems cycle sequencing
try end-labelled primers if incorporation does not work.

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