Pichia vectors

Jeffrey Shane Temple jstemple at whale.st.usm.edu
Mon Aug 22 14:27:21 EST 1994

Virginia Dress (Dress at biosci.arizona.edu) wrote:
: Netters,
: 	I need input on the Pichia expression system.  I see lots of questions
: about
: it but no answers.  I would like to hear from people who have tried it, how
: well does it work?  What size protein did you want to express?  And other
: vital stats on the protein and how well the system worked for you.  The
: Pichia
: expression system looks good on paper, but then, what doesn't?  
:  I'm pretty sure that this question has been posed before, so anybody who
: got
: any answers -- I would appreciate hearing from you.

: Thanks,

: Ginnie

Hi Ginnie,

I have been working with the Pichia expression system now for about five
months and so far nothing.  I am trying to express human Glutamine
Cyclotransferase (QC).  This is a 33kD protein.  I'm not sure if
there is something wrong with my construct or what, but I have been
unsuccessful thus far.  Maybe something good will happen soon!! I feel
like you do, the kit looks good on paper, but I am not conviced yet.

Jeff (jstemple at whale.st.usm.edu)

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