qiagen plasmid preps

Robert Woodward c557652 at mizzou1.missouri.edu
Mon Aug 22 17:54:42 EST 1994

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>> There seems to be a lot of different opinions on Qiagen plasmid preps. 
>> Does anyone have any experience using this system for transient 
>> transfections?

I spoke with someone recently who said that after the complete Qiagen prep 
(using 2500's) and isopropanol precipitation they brought the DNA up in TE and 
then subjected it to a spin in the microcentrifuge and used the supernatant.  
This procudre spun out any Qia-crap that was in the DNA and made the 
difference between their transfections working and not.  I may give it a try 
since the Qiagen purified DNA has performed poorer than CsCl prepared DNA.


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