plasmid recovery from "dead" plates

Kimberly Ann Winkeler kwinkel at
Tue Aug 23 10:07:38 EST 1994

OK, I've tried several times to post this notice, and I apologize for all 
the problems. One more time.

I am trying to recover some plasmids from what are apparently dead 
colonies--colonies picked and inoculated into liquid media do not grow.  
I have tried the Shuldiner and Tanner method for recovery of plasmids 
from nonviable colonies (Biotechniques 12(1) p66 (1992)) which involves 
picking a colony, boiling it in water, and transforming some of the 
supernatant.  I tried this method with four different clones with no 

Has anyone tried this method (or any other method) for recovering 
plasmids with any success?  Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?  
I'd really like to recover these plasmids if possible since trying to 
reconstruct them will be a major pain in the butt!!!

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Kim Winkeler

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