bitter sugar

Brian Smith-White smithwhi at
Tue Aug 23 23:33:00 EST 1994

In Article <335et3$ie5 at> "<SPAGNOL at PLAUTO.CSATA.IT>" says:
> I cloned a glycoprotein in a cell line and have antibodies against its
> sugar moiety. I do immunofluorescence and the protein is there, then I
> perform an immunoblot with the same Ab and nothing stains. I arrived to load
> exctracts of 10,000,000 cell on SDS PAGE- still nothing. I strongly confide
> in the expertiseof  of somebody of you out there, dear colleagues.
> Sincerely
> Giorgio
The antibody recognizes the native conformation of the glycan, not the
denatured form. Do you have an antibody against the protein? Does this 
antibody work in both assays?
Regards,		Brian Smith-White

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