Differential scanning calorimetry

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Simmons) wrote:
> I'm interested in how differential scanning calorimetry
> (DSC) is being used to analyze protein. In particular, how 
> differences between a wild-type and a mutant protein
> may be studied using this technique. Would anyone have
> a reference that would describe its use in such an
> application?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

the most recent (or it might be upcoming, i haven't seen the published
version yet) version of Methods in Enzymology has a section on calorimetry
which was based almost entirely on experiments in our lab concerning
comparisons of wild-type and temperature sensitive mutant S. cerevisiae

the section is by Rajiv Bhatnagar and Jeff Gordon, and i think Jeff (our
PI) was one of the editors.

sorry this isn't more specific but hopefully it will give you a place to

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