Do any journals take papers on disc?

Graham Atherton grggta at
Wed Aug 24 03:18:13 EST 1994

I got many helpful responses when I posted this question a few weeks ago.
To summarise, journals are beginning to take papers on disc (including
figures scanned on to disc) eg Cancer Research, NAR  BUT many do not yet
and even those who do would still most likely require photo's of gels to
be printed in addition to the same figures on disc for referees who are
not computer-literate.
My dream of doing away with the laborious procedure of photographing gels
/autorads and printing them and just scanning the same onto disc for
publication is some time off yet! At best I need access to a high-quality
printer which will give photographic-quality images from a scanned image.
This I can probably get if I submit discs to a professional lab. This
would be as inconvenient as photography/printing at the moment. Of course
I could get our own printer eventually when they come down in price to
less than #5000 sterling!

Thanks to all who answered
Graham Atherton

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