mRNA storage

Andre Hamel hamel at
Wed Aug 24 19:54:26 EST 1994

I concur Lisa Brunet's response, that is, storing RNA WITHOUT RNase Inh
... if so, then include 1 mM DTT ... but better yet to NOT include
RNase Inh ... over past few years I've got MANY types of EXtremely RT-PCRable
RNAs (MANY assayed for viruses) ... subjected to "abusive" (?) freeze-thaw
MANY times ... kept in -20*C in aliquots in dH2O (NOT DEPC treated, but
autoclaved) ... have not noticed much drop in sensitivity after at least
100 freeze-thaws.  These RNAs come from cell culture grown viruses, from
virus positive clinical specimens (RNA extracted from various tissues,
whole blood, swabs, serum, feces, etc etc) ... usually conc are about 
1 ug/uL. If RNA prep is okay from start, should be very stable for quite
some time.

all best,


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