NA45 Paper DNA extraction problem

Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Wed Aug 24 14:15:04 EST 1994

>> In Article <317aqm$rp8 at>, grieger at (David M
>> Grieger) wrote:
>>I had my student try to purify a 200bp fragment from a gel using the NA45
>>paper technique, recently discussed here on this news group.  After she did
>>the hi-salt washes and the EtOH precipitation (+glycogen), there was no
>>normal pellet but a nonaqueous "bubble" in the bottom of the microfuge tube.
>> After adding TE and doing a second EtOH precipitation the same result
>>occured.  Could this result from carry over from the hi-salt washes?  Any
>>thoughts on this problem would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Could you possibly have any phosphate buffer around?  Trying to EtOH ppt
from phosphate buffer also gives a funny "bubble" in the bottom of the tube.


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