gel sealing tape

nishir at nishir at
Thu Aug 25 16:36:45 EST 1994

For those of you interested in what sort of response I got:

The tape (we figured out after we examined the inside print of several rolls)
is 3M polyester electrical tape #56.  It is special ordered at the width (1.5
in) sold by GIBCO for $22/ roll.  If you special order it from a 3M distributer
you can get it for $15/roll BUT you have to order 30 rolls (1 case) at a time

Other suggestions were:  Scotch PTFE film tape (extruded) #5490; hot glue gun,
thick electrical (black tape) and don't use tape.  I got several protocols for
pouring sequencing gels without using tape.  We screwed up our courage and
tried the no tape method and it works great!  Thanks to all for these

Rae Nishi
OHSU Portland OR (That's ORYGUN *not* ORA-GONE)

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