E.coli transformation protocol wanted

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Fri Aug 26 07:19:26 EST 1994

In article <23AUG94.17510766.0062.MUSIC at SEMOVM> C749SCB at SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU (Walt Lilly) writes:
>Dear Netters:
>We are trying to decide on an HPLC column to use for analyzing
>peptide fragments following proteolysis of a model peptide.  Will
>any old c18 column do?  We have been considering a Vydac 218TP
>column.  Does anyone have experience with this or competing similar
>columns?   Thanks for your input.
>Walt Lilly
>c749scb at semovm.semo.edu
>Southeast Missouri State Univ.

Hello Walt

Do yourself a favour and stick to a column designed for 
peptide/protein analysis. We have found the Vydac 218TP columns 
to be robust and reliable. Also the pore size plays a major 
role in the separation of tricky peptide digests.  Ask you 
Waters rep for a copy of "Doctor Tom's Guide to the 
Undocumented Oral History of Peptide Separation Fokelore" - 9 
pages of distilled wisdom!

Good Luck

Ron Berry
Biochem Dept
University of Natal
South Africa

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