Sma I degrading ends

Anthony Tomlinson anthony at
Fri Aug 26 06:25:03 EST 1994

In article <940811144046.201d52 at> ,
>I am guessing that you detected the lost bases after transforming and 
>recovering a clone.  In that case, your problem may be at the ligation
>step.  If ligation fails, then you transform with the linear fragment
>and E. coli circularizes it by invading with one end at a target
>internal to the other (at low efficiency).  The result fits your 

Is there any preference by the coli apparatus for certain sequences? How
does it know where the end is, and yet still invade a variable distance
from the end?  Sorry to ask dumn questions, but I've never heard of this
before, and it could explain a problem or two if mine.....


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