In Search of Beta Sites : (help??)

Fri Aug 26 13:35:56 EST 1994

Hello netters,

I am currently implementing a beta test program for my company.  I am in
search of researchers that are interested in evaluating new protocols 
and testing prototype products.  The following post is an example and
I hope I am posting to the right group.  I look forward to hearing 
from all interested parties and sincerely hope I don't ge t flamed.

New Rapid Assay
Molecular Bio-Products is looking for researchers interested in
beta testing is's new "Turbo Assay System".
This system is a unique method of rapidly conducting qualitative
and quantitiative membrane based assays.  The system utilizes a new
concept in membrane support with the industries 8 well testing
The turbo assay system allows you to run side by side comparisons
for the purpose of reagent sample optimization, rapid ELIZA (10 &
15 minute assays), protein immobilzation, and a multitude
entrapment assays.
If you think you have a potential application for this system in
your lab and would like to evaluate the prototype system please
contact Evan A. Goldstein at (800) 995-2787 or email to
mbpi at
Best regards
Evan Goldstein
Molecular Bio-Prodcuts,inc.
San Diego, California

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