Sequencing Gel Spacer Plastic

Anthony Otsuka ajotsuka at
Sat Aug 27 11:42:15 EST 1994

Does anyone know of a vendor for the plastic sheeting that can be
used to make homemade sequencing gel combs and spacers?  We used
buy plastic sheeting from Corth Plastics in Berkeley, CA, but we
have been unable to find their current address.  The spacers we
have been using are 0.015 inches thick, and our gels are 35x55 cm.
What is the best material to use?  We are considering mylar, but
I have seen polycarbonate used in commerical spacer sets.  Vinyl
and acetate don't seem as useful because they swell and deform
when wetted.  Also, what color is best for sample loading?  We
use white combs, but I have seen green or yellow.  What about
clear?  I'm willing to post a summary, if people e-mail me
responses. Thank you, Anthony Otsuka (ajotsuka at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.

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