Growing Up TA Cloning Products

Lisa J Brunet brunet at
Sun Aug 28 11:32:38 EST 1994

Andrew McArthur (AMCARTHU at UVVM.UVIC.CA) wrote:
: Hello everyone.  For those of you that use the TA cloning kit (Invitrogen),
: what is your prefered method for overnight cultures of your cells with
: inserts?  I have been using an overnight in LB (with ampicillin) but have
: not been getting a satisfactory amount of plasmid DNA.  Has anyone tried
: TB media or chloramphenicol with this kit to increase plasmid DNA yield.
: Much thanks for your comments.

: Andrew
Yeah, me too. You'll notice that the vector is based on pBR322 so it 
grows like crap. You can amplify it or just get enough DNA so you can 
subclone into something else. That's what I did.

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