cDNA library kits, which is best?

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Sun Aug 28 14:30:57 EST 1994

Subject: cDNA library kits, which is best?
From: Richard Dana, rcdana at
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 1994 02:56:54 GMT
In article <Cv85Iu.976 at> Richard Dana, rcdana at
>I have mRNA prepared from wheat and other grains. I want to purchase a 
>kit or perform a straightforward protocol to make a cDNA library. I want
>put this into a two-hybrid system vector and possibly other vectors like 
>What kits work best?
>Please respond by e-mail to rcdana at
>Richard Dana
>Project Green Gene
>P.O. Box 910416
>San Diego, CA 92191-0416

...Stratagene...never been any probs with their kits and excellent

*personal opinion only.


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