hplc column for peptide analysis

Azlinda Bte Anwar medp3009 at nusunix2.nus.sg
Sun Aug 28 02:18:29 EST 1994

Paul Donald Pyla (pdpyla at ccmail.monsanto.com) wrote:
: In article <23AUG94.17510766.0062.MUSIC at SEMOVM>, C749SCB at SEMOVM.SEMO.EDU
: (Walt Lilly) wrote:

: > Dear Netters:
: > We are trying to decide on an HPLC column to use for analyzing
: > peptide fragments following proteolysis of a model peptide.  Will
: > any old c18 column do?  We have been considering a Vydac 218TP
: > column.  Does anyone have experience with this or competing similar
: > columns?   Thanks for your input.
: > 
: >We have had good success with the vydac 218TP54 (5 micron particle) for
: general proteolytic mapping.  Certainly, other columns can also be used. 
: You should expect slightly different selectivity with other columns.
Dear Paul,
         NOT all c18 columns are equal.  I have extensive experience with 
peptide HPLC.  Believe me, columns with identical descriptions don't work 
the same.  Vydac is good and have been consistent and reliable.  My 
advice is to try out many columns to see which fits.  Beckman, Biorad and 
waters are not too hot.  My lab is equipped with vydac columns of pore 
size 300 A.  Use this with a combination of various mobile phases, e.g., 
HCl and TFA.  You just have to try it out.  Best of luck.

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