General note on distribution of vectors strains etc.

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Tue Aug 30 08:50:56 EST 1994

Hi Folks,

I was rather surprised today to receive an agreement to sign in 
order to get a couple of vectors for general cloning purposes. The 
vectors are useful derivatives of a common cloning vector but were 
made by a researcher in one of my favourite commercial companies. I 
have no objection to general agreements as to not to hand 
strains/vectors to other labs etc but was surprised to see that should 
I use the vectors to clone anything of commercial interest to the 
company concerned then I had to hand said clone over to the company 
with all relevant info. as to the construction etc. I must be getting 
old 'cos it never used to be like this. If this is now common practice
then I feel I have little choice but to protect my own commercial
interests a little bit more. Sad!


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