temp.sensitive ori / pBR322 deriv.

FJ van der Wal vdwal at bio.vu.nl
Tue Aug 30 07:45:56 EST 1994

I'm searching for a plasmid containing a thermosensitive origin of
replication, derived from the coli vector pBR322 (oriV). If you know of
such a plasmid please e-mail me at: ptj.willemsen.omb.acta at med.vu.nl.
Tanks in advance for your cooperation!

Peter Willemsen, Ph.D.
Dept. of Oral Microbiology
vd Boechorststraat 7
1081 BT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Fimme Jan van der Wal
dep. Molecular Microbiology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
de Boelelaan 1087
1081 HV Amsterdam, NL
vdwal at bio.vu.nl

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