Medical Genetics management s/ware

Mike Morris mike at
Tue Aug 30 07:10:52 EST 1994

  I know this is not quit the right place - but the information is 
very important to us!

  We want to install a computer system to manage our Medical Genetics
DNA and Cytogenetics diagnostic laboratories, plus perhaps also the 
clinical consultation service. The package should handle at least sample
reception, labelling, and results; anything else would be a bonus. We 
are not precommitted to any one system, but networking is essential and
a multisystem approach would be ideal. Obviously we could develop our 
own database, but we would rather not reinvent the wheel (having done 
so many times already...).
  Does anybody have experience of such packages, positive or negative?
Please answer by email; if I get anwers, I will put a compiled answer 
back on the News. 
  (Even replies from commercial companies would be appreciated!)

Michael Morris PhD            
Division of Medical Genetics       tel (Switzerland) (22) 702.56.94
CMU, University of Geneva          fax (Switzerland) (22) 702.57.06
Geneva, Switzerland                email mike at                  

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