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Wed Aug 31 11:09:06 EST 1994

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>     Well, I have a little money to spend, and I'm considering getting one of
> the major software packages for my Mac. It has come down to three choices:
> MacVector (IBI), MacDNAsis (Hitachi), and GeneWorks (Intelligenetics). I
> have used MacVector extensively, and I like it pretty well. I have no
> experience with the other packages, other than the demos. I would like to
> hear from others about any of their experiences with any of these products,
> good, bad, whatever. If I get enough responses, I will post a summary next
> week sometime. Thanks in advance for the advice. You can post here or email
> directly to me.

We use GeneWorks and have for several years.  The manual that comes with
the program (or at least the original) is next to useless.  On the upside,
IntelliGenetics has GREAT technical support via email.  The program
constantly amazes me with what it is capable of doing but many of the
features are not intuitive to a mac user.  They come up with new releases
about twice a year and each version is truly better than the one before. 
They also take recommendations from users seriously.

Your decision will ultimately come down to what you want molbio software to
do and how much you're willing to spend.  Depending on your needs,
shareware or online services may be much more cost effective.

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