Any experience with Soccorex pipettors

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Wed Aug 31 04:31:45 EST 1994

On Wed, 31 Aug 1994 04:54:58 GMT,
  Simon Ginsberg writes:

> We are considering purchasing some Soccorex pipettors (also
>sold as VWR brand).  Does anyone have experience using these?  In
>particular, what are the advantages/disadvantages of the stepped
>adjustment mechanism, and how is their long term accuracy.  
A word of caution if you like using filter tips. I have yet to find a 
source of filter tips that will fit the smaller volume pipettors. (They 
have extended, metal tip holders (which allows flame sterilisation!), 
rather than the more conventional plastic ones, but these project too far 
down inside the tips to use filter tips). If anyone knows of a source, I 
would love to hear from you.

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