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Wed Aug 31 20:18:03 EST 1994

In article <sticknbd-300894234723 at>, sticknbd at (B Stickney) writes:
> About a year ago, I cut some lambda phage with
> HindIII (L/H3), and I've been using this until recently,
> when I ran out.  Someone else cut new lambda, but
> hers runs differently than the little of mine that
> was left.  the pattern is the same, but the
> migration rate is different.  She used up the last
> of my L/H3, so no further comparisons are possible,
> but I am concerned that my size determinations
> have been off or that future ones with this new
> batch will be.  What gives?
> B Stickney

Probably the concentration of salt in the digest is different.  More salt=
less resistance=slower migration.

Andrew Cockburn

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