Nightmare of Baculovirus expression system

Clifford Beall beall.3 at OSU.EDU
Thu Dec 1 22:05:35 EST 1994

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> Help!
> My Baculovirus Expression system is playing up and I can't get it to
work again.
> I thought it was the temperature at which the cells grew (one incubator
> can be a bit variable), so I  changed, and got some to grow our
> recombinant protein.  The next week I reapeat the same experiment usingthe
> same batch of virus stock and the same conditions and NOTHING!
> Any ideas/suggestions welcome.
We had a problem with loss of titer of virus stocks and then read in
Biotechniques that the virus is quite light sensitive-and we were storing
it in a cold room with constant light.  This manifested itself in time
frames of weeks to months in our case, so the stock would work at first. 
Other than that, of course your cells have to be very healthy and happy.

                           Good Luck,
                           Cliff Beall
                           Research Scientist

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