Wizard DNA clean up

Richard Kenneth Bruce Martel richardk at sfu.ca
Thu Dec 1 17:12:30 EST 1994


I would appreciate a more elaborate protocol of how you purified your
band from agarose.  Was it high or low melt agarose?  You said
"binding buffer precipitated once, but washed away with column wash"
what do you mean?

The Wizard DNA clean up kit contains the resin, columns and a
protocol, no buffers, washes etc.  I talked to a tech at Promega and
he said that the resin in each of their kits (ie. pcr preps, mini,
midi and mega preps) are all different!!?  Also, a flyer says that
the DNA clean up kit can be used to gel purify DNA, the tech said
that the PCR preps resin is better for gel purification.

We have some older "Magic minipreps" laying around, as well as a new
"midi prep" kit.  I'm thinking of using the protocol in "Promega
notes 43" and one of those resins to see if it will work.  


ps.  If anyone from Promega is 'listening', I would welcome an

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