FIAU once again !

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Dec 1 16:51:15 EST 1994

>Dear Interenetters !
>I would like to know from where I can order
>FIAU = 1-(2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-beta-D-arabinofuranosyl)-5-iodouracil

Hi Ahnders

I got some FIAU from Dr Matiskella some years ago as a gift from the
following address.  I think that it is now available commercially but I
don't know from whom at the moment.  I would try Matiskella and he should
point you in the right direction.

Dr John D Matiskella
Supervisor, Compound Control
Bristol- Meyers Squibb Co
Pharmaceutical Research & Development Division
5 Research Parkway
PO Box 5100
Wallingford CT 06492-7660

Good Luck, Klaus

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