Sasha Kraev bckraev at
Thu Dec 1 13:52:13 EST 1994

Francisce Xavier asked for a reliable method to test transgenic plants.

Well, it is not quite the same task to test transgenic Arabidopsis, tobacco or
oilseed rape, because of the genome size. In your PCR you must put at least 
50 ng of DNA, so it is still worth while making a genomic DNA miniprep
first and quantitate it. Looking for a fast and simple method, you may well
loose your transgenics... In our hands, a CTAB miniprep ( Plant Mol.Biol.
Manual) worked well for tobacco. Also, do not forget positive and negative
(same plant, non transformed) controls. Getting RAPD bands on plant DNA is
easier than on any other DNA. Good luck

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