Sasha Kraev bckraev at aeolus.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 1 13:31:27 EST 1994

I agree with Cornelius that searching Maniatis or other similar manuals would
help to eliminate certain part of the e-mail traffic, but the problem really
is that there are too many of these manuals, so why the nearest one is for
a Bible? And the results, you want them NOW, right?
I think people want to hear on the net what is really new ( and does not 
make a paper yet), and ( who knows?) may be it is dramatically better than 
the old gospels?! We all can contribute to the FAQ list, and it is definitely 
better than Maniatis ( which is sadly outdated) or CPMB ( which keeps up with 
time by replacing pages quarterly, but still tends to be a beginner's guide).
(Paul, my FAQ on plasmid sequencing is coming, I hope, tomorrow)
Everybody, have a nice day.

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