Requesting Nuc Acids Res Author's Instructions

Nigel Eastmond nce at
Fri Dec 2 03:54:48 EST 1994

RiverSloth (riversloth at wrote:
: Fellow Mo Bo Scientists,

: I am trying to exist in the modern era of molecular biology with the
: nearest library a long drive away. If anyone has access to the newest
: version of author's instructions for Nucleic Acids Research and could
: e-mail them to me at riversloth at or FAX to (210) 792-0314 I would
: be very appreciative.

: Thanks in advance for saving me several hour trip in the car.

: Dr. Felix D. Guerrero
: Kerrville, TX

There's an idea!  Why don't the journals ALL post instructions to authors
to a new newsgroup (? bionet.authour.instruction) and then we will all be


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