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Thu Dec 1 19:21:26 EST 1994


I got your email reply last week, and then I was away for a while.  Sorry 
it has taken me so long to re-reply.  You wanted info on PILEUP-you can 
access the manual for GCG through the Pedro's tools page at iastate, via 
a WWW program such as mosaic.  I don't know the exact address for the 
page, but I'm sure you can find it if you play around a bit.

Marc Goldstein
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Lol Maret 
(lmaret at wrote:
: Hi Mol biologists,  Does anyone know how to compare the sequence homology 
: between 3 different genes using genbank online?  I have accessed Genbank 
: to search for sequences, but would like to find the % homology for three 
: ADH genes from different plants.  I would appreciate any help or 
: suggestions. Replies may be mailed to me directly or posted. Thanks in 
: advance. Lol :-)

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