Help me on RNA sequencing

JongSub Lee jongslee at
Fri Dec 2 00:22:36 EST 1994

Hi everyone

It's me again. I need help on RNA sequencing. When I sequenced viral RNA,
the result was so many ladders on all 4 lanes. I did that RNA sequencing
with a protocol of "A practical guide to molecular cloning 2nd ed, by
Bernard Perbal". Because bands appears on all 4 lanes, I did not read
a sequence at all. How can I solve this problem?
The viral RNA is not purified, because the plant is infected with various
viruses and we can not isolate the virus alone yet. I think there were at
least more than 6 kinds of virus RNAs. 

YOu can say " YOU must purify the virus or must find the plant infected
that virus alone", but no one has been succeed that yet.
So, I think the RNA sequencing from mixed RNA samples would be the best
way I can go. But the result depressed me .... Help me, experts!

If anyone has good idea, please get out of this terrible results.

Francisce Xavier

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