Help: Warped Polyacrylamide Gels

Guy Hoelzer hoelzer at
Sat Dec 3 13:54:18 EST 1994

Hello MoBo Netters:

We are trying to use the Penguin polyacrylamide gel apparatus from Owl to
separate microsatellite PCR products in my lab.  We are running 1.5 mm
thick, non-denaturing gels followed by staining with SYBR Green I.  The
gels have been very warped with smeared bands that run very unevenly across
the gel.  The only reason we are not running a standard sequencing gel is
that it is much more convenient to use and stain the smaller (20x20 cm) gel
from the Owl rig.  I would appreciate any suggestions that would help us
achieve nice tight bands that run evenly across the gel.  Thanks in advance
for your help.

Guy Hoelzer                                                  
hoelzer at
Dept. of Biology
University of Nevada Reno
Reno, NV  89557

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